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Kat is Turning 18

Posted by on March 25, 2012

Today is March 18thth, which means my stepdaughter is turning 18 — Happy Birthday Kat! She refers to this day as “Irish hangover day” and she seems quite proud to have been born the day after St. Paddy’s. Soon the family members from all sides will be pouring in to wish her well and help us honor her special day.

Katherine at 5 years old

I discovered yesterday that she’s “afraid to turn 18”, this is what she told our neighbor. I didn’t know realize that this is how she’s feeling about the impending year ahead, but I’m glad she was gutsy enough to say so in front of both of us. Honestly, that’s half the battle. Admitting how scary it is seems quite sane to me; so much is expected of kids at the end of their high school years. So many changes appear for them all in a row, and so few are truly ready to leave the nest, flap their wings, and fly on their own. Yet, that’s the expectation we put upon them.

My one wish for her is that she realizes we are always here – whether she’s 18 or 38. Our love is constant and we will always do our best to see her through anything she wants help navigating in life. Nothing is too small or too big; we’ll be here to listen and support her as long as she remembers that she has to reach out and let us know.

We love you Kat!

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