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Good Boss, Bad Boss

This is a follow up to another post: Do You Bring out the Worst in People? I heard about this book from a Stanford talk that was podcast a couple of months ago. I decided to check out the book,  it’s worth a look: Good Boss, Bad Boss: How to Be the Best… and Learn from the … Continue reading »

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Do you bring out the worst in people?

People who work for themselves often do so because they’re unable to work with others. The amount of compromise involved is not part of their make-up, it’s unnatural and they simply don’t like it. Continue reading »

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The CSS of Design Storytelling: Context, Spine, and Structure :: UXmatters

Since I’ve been behind on blogging due to life commitments, I figure I might as well share that I’m enjoying reading this: The CSS of Design Storytelling: Context, Spine, and Structure :: UXmatters. I’m in the midst of preparing for a presentation to an audience that’s much larger than what I’m accustomed to and the … Continue reading »

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Penelope Trunk’s Advice About Blogging

I didn’t know who Penelope Trunk was until SXSW 2010. I was riding the SXSW shuttle en route back to my hotel after a long day and I met a nice Gen Y girl from Madison, Wisconsin. We had a fascinating discussion about the difference between her generation and mine (I’m Gen X). I had been reading a lot about it and noticed that so many negative traits had been attached to Gen Y. Continue reading »

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Exit Through the Gift Shop. Wow.

I’ve been trying to see myself as a filmmaker and really live the life and ingest as many film related things as possible. I do well when I flood my system this way. This has meant working with video, editing, listening to film podcasts like “Film Threat“, reading about films, following news about filmmaking and, … Continue reading »

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SXSW Induced Identity Crisis

This is about the identity crisis I experienced at SXSW. I’m part interactive, part filmmaker but not geek enough to really feel comfy among the geek masses. I don’t feel like a fraud, I’ve put my time in coding with the best of them. With 15 years in the information technology field working closely with … Continue reading »

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Who’s Giving up Twitter or Facebook for Lent?

I’m not Catholic. But given what I’ve seen in the twitterverse I may observe the Lenten period. People are actually giving up Twitter and Facebook for Lent! That’s 40 whole days without it. Cold turkey for 40 days…that’s enough to break a crack addiction. They say it only takes 21 days to break a habit … Continue reading »

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Keeping Your Social Media Sane

This afternoon I found this response to a message I had replied to. It was a client and friend who noticed my Twitter activity. Separate question/not criticial: you are all over twitter. How do you find the time or manage the time? There’s so much great stuff it’s just overwhelming. How do “limit” all your … Continue reading »

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SXSW is not just about parties

I’m in Austin and thrilled to be where the sun is shining and the temperature is over 70. I packed lightly this time to compensate for last year’s overloaded suitcase. I was so determined that at the last minute I actually decided not to bring my iPad and tiny keyboard. Both are sitting on my kitchen … Continue reading »

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