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To Stay or Go

As terrible as this life may feel today, sticking with it and trying to find a way to make it feel more meaningful to you on the daily basis may be the only way to go. Because giving up all of this would also mean creating a new life where you’re still bound to this other person and yet truly going it alone without any of the perks of a partnership. Continue reading »

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Review of pardons in past decade shows process heavily favored whites

If only this were as shocking as it should be. What’s sad is that people in positions who should be aware of the numbers, or at least have a better idea than the rest of us, are “astounded”. Really? Here’s the full article from the Washington Post Tweet This Post

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Do you bring out the worst in people?

People who work for themselves often do so because they’re unable to work with others. The amount of compromise involved is not part of their make-up, it’s unnatural and they simply don’t like it. Continue reading »

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Gift from my mom…found 14 years later

Scouring through the clutter and old boxes of letters, bills, and junk, I found a treasure. A handwritten letter inserted in a card from my mother for a birthday some 14 years ago. I lost her 5 years ago around the holidays, so finding something like this was monumental; it felt like a gift dropped from the sky. Continue reading »

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TEDxSF – Louie Schwartzberg – Gratitude – YouTube

This is clip is what Pockets of Sunshine is all about. It embodies the idea of living in the moment and appreciating all that life has to offer. I hope to start my days this week watching this to get my head set, open, and awake to possibilities. Continue reading »

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‘The Help’ Helped Me Read Fiction Again

I’ve now read the book and I’ve seen the movie. While the film was excellent on it’s own, great acting by all of the leads, it didn’t have the intensity and raw fear expressed in the book. Continue reading »

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Surviving Miscarriage and Unexpected After Effects

I haven’t posted in nearly a month. When I look for reasons the most obvious is the fact that I’ve been dealing with both the side effects of a miscarriage while simultaneously juggling numerous “life events”. As my mother always said, “When it rains, it pours.” And life is proving that little nugget to be true. Continue reading »

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Caught in the Rapture

It was 1979 and the weather was just starting to heat up in the Berkshires. I remember feeling a little freaked out by what was to come. I had visions of people being sucked up into a beam of light and taken into the heavens as the clouds parted. This was the day of the The Rapture. So we sat in our classroom and waited. Continue reading »

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Sleep Hygiene the Secret to Happiness

When I was single I’d stay up until midnight or 1am. This felt natural to me. The times I attempted to go to bed earlier were filled with tossing, turning, and circular thoughts – like a dog chasing it’s tail endlessly without satisfaction. Continue reading »

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Law of Attraction in Action

I was listening to a “Law of Attraction” mp3 on my ipod while driving in to work yesterday thinking about the new car I want. As the message instructed, I was visualizing it, expecting, knowing that it’s coming soon. I was feeling good about it. Though I was in fact chugging along in my trusty … Continue reading »

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