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Law of Attraction in Action

Posted by on January 26, 2011

Giant freight truck wheel pushing against and stuck to my car.

I was listening to a “Law of Attraction” mp3 on my ipod while driving in to work yesterday thinking about the new car I want. As the message instructed, I was visualizing it, expecting, knowing that it’s coming soon. I was feeling good about it. Though I was in fact chugging along in my trusty 2001 Toyota Corrolla. I made it through the tolls and calmly merged along with 7 other lanes of traffic into 3. I held the wheel and saw an out of state white SUV try to make sense out of the unmarked lanes. Deciding to let her figure it out I stuck to my lane. I quickly sensed something on my left, and then in what felt like slow motion I saw a giant black wheel crush my driver side mirror and begin tearing into my front wheel. The crunching sound of metal twisting and snapping off is not one I’ll soon forget.

But as I sat there, with this giant 8 ton truck pinned to my car with the insanity of morning traffic whizzing past me, I was incredibly calm. This is the first real accident in my 26 years of driving and I felt deeply fortunate that this massive truck was going so slow as it drove into me. I assumed he didn’t see my small car and simply merged into my lane. I calmly dialed 911. The person on the other end asked if I could “pull to the side of the road”. Hah. I was “stuck” to this massive truck.

Me: “No. I can’t safely pull over.”

Mister 911: Can you get out and move to the side of the road?”

It was morning rush hour.  The truck was fish-tailed hiding my car from view. Cars exiting the tollbooth were flying by and swerving when as soon as they saw me.

Me: “Not safely. It’s rush hour and I’m stuck in the middle of the merge lanes. People are whizzing by me and my car isn’t visible.”

Mister 911: “Okay. Someone will be there shortly.”

So, I sat and waited. Meanwhile the truck driver stepped out of his truck to inspect the damage. He made it point to glare at me and shake his head as if to say “C’mon lady.” I didn’t make any faces just let him glare and walk away. Because, clearly, this made squashed me. With the laws of physics involved  the damage and angle pointed to him. Big time. Case closed.

Unfortunately the meathead cop who arrived on the scene was more concerned with his cold hands than anything else.

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