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SXSW Induced Identity Crisis

Posted by on March 27, 2011

This is about the identity crisis I experienced at SXSW. I’m part interactive, part filmmaker but not geek enough to really feel comfy among the geek masses. I don’t feel like a fraud, I’ve put my time in coding with the best of them. With 15 years in the information technology field working closely with uber geeks, you think I’d feel uber comfy by now. Nope. The truth is, I’m not a hipster. I dig what they’re about, but it’s not me.

hipsters at SXSW

I studied film at Emerson College. And documentary filmmaking is my passion, though not what pays the bills. So when I stood in line to get tickets for screenings, it was like sitting in a comfy armchair. Film enthusiasts, cineastes, actors, filmmakers, directors, producers, all these people speak my language. We’re so completly on the same wavelength that talking to complete strangers for an hour and sitting in the dark for hours was like a present from God. I’m not joking. I found my tribe. And realizing it at thls late stage in my life kind of had my head spinning. Mostly it was the guilt of knowing I was darn lucky to be at SXSW to begin with.

Why didn’t I wan to race back to those darned sessions in the conference center? Why did I prefer to hang in a line for an hour and wait to see a films I knew nothing about?

I was happy to attend the interactive sessions but they weren’t always what they were billed to be, nor did they follow the schedule listed, and a few times the room was full and I had to wait for someone to leave so I could be let in. The conference center is ginormous. If you want to quickly scoot from one session to the next one of interest, it’s not as easy as you might think. Even if you have your running shoes on the distance between on side of the conference center and another is huge. The energy it takes to haul a laptop around adds up.

Next year, if I decide to go, it’s going to be a vacation and I’ll be taking in as many films as I can. No guilt. Pure joy. The way it should be.

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