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SXSW is not just about parties

Posted by on March 12, 2011

I’m in Austin and thrilled to be where the sun is shining and the temperature is over 70. I packed lightly¬†this time to compensate for last year’s overloaded suitcase. I was so determined that at the last minute I actually decided not to bring my iPad and tiny keyboard. Both are sitting on my kitchen counter. Stressed and rushing as usual, I wanted time to spare at the airport and was nervous about fitting it all in without breaking something. Not a great time to make a decision. Suffice it to say that this event was custom designed to take advantage of the iPad: everything from the ease of the size, length of battery life, to the cool SXSW apps and real time tweeting. If you don’t have an iPad and you have an iPhone or Droid, you’re fine. I do not. So, my dilemma: walk lightly with the heavy schedules when not blogging, or tweeting or taking notes (when I’m heading to see films). Or lug the big ole heavy laptop everywhere.

SXSW Film Book

This years SXSW Film Guide

Given that my feet are a bloody mess from walking miles and miles the first day, I’m choosing not to lug it when I have a movie event to get to. I worked out my schedule for tomorrow. The first half of the day is web accessibility at the convention center. The second half is me on my butt in the theater. So my other challenge is how to get to the film(s). I can leave my heavy stuff in my car and hoof it, take the shuttle, or drive. The choice really depends on where the movie is, how big the crowd will be, and whether or not I have another event to get to afterwards. See? It’s not that simple. And all of this is just me talking about the actual work and fun sober events. Tie parties into it and it gets even more complicated. Or les, if you’re drinking…that at least takes driving out of the scenario. Which also may mean giving up an exciting new film that’s logistically too far.

Just so I don’t go nuts with all the decision making and little things that irk me and get in the way, I tell myself I have to accept my decisions and avoid the shoulda coulda woulda scenarios. They will only detract from the experience. So my new mantra here is: “silence your demons and make the most of it. You’re a lucky girl.”

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