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Who’s Giving up Twitter or Facebook for Lent?

Posted by on March 17, 2011

I’m not Catholic. But given what I’ve seen in the twitterverse I may observe the Lenten period.

People are actually giving up Twitter and Facebook for Lent! That’s 40 whole days without it. Cold turkey for 40 days…that’s enough to break a crack addiction. They say it only takes 21 days to break a habit and 28 to create a new one.

I may actually give myself permission to pull away.

“Hey kids, come on. Walk away. All the cool kids are doing it.”

Which means that I may actually produce a short film or two and feel darn good about being disconnected. I’m loving the idea that divine intervention has situated me squarely in a position to do exactly what I am inspired to do: re-ignite the flame and get back into filmmaking. Just don’t look for me at church.

While I’m at it I may even give up chocolate.

What are you giving up for Lent?

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