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The Upside of Clutter

Posted by on May 6, 2011

We’ve been in an anti-clutter kick. But just a few weeks later I’ve noticed my kid suddenly seems to be all about TV. She hasn’t been wanting  to hang out with her dolls in their pretend world. And thanks to the new Internet TV,  she now knows what Netflix is and has been requesting “her shows” on “NETFLIX!” Cute the first time, not so cute the 50th.

While she was sleeping last night I  dragged out her suitcase of dolls and arranged them in a scene along with some other toys in her former favorite play area. What we would normally view as major clutter in our dining room. The idea was that she would wake up, see this, and begin playing with her long lost friends. It worked! She didn’t mention her shows and she was thrilled to be back in their world. And I was so thrilled that I left the mess just as she wanted it when we left to bring her to school.

When we got home it was the first thing she went to and their were no manipulative pleas for her shows or NETFLIX.

Tonight before I put her to be she asked if she could go to Pixie Hollow and fly with the fairies. “Sure. When you go to bed tonight close your eyes and think of Pixie Hollow and your fairy friends. Then ask one of them to sprinkle some of their fairy dust on you.  You’ll be able to fly just like them!” She saw this in a Tinkerbell movie so she knows it’s true. I said it in earnest; more than happy to hear her back to her magical self. She was beaming.


Fairies at Pixie Hollow

Later, I tucked her in and reminded her to think of Pixie Hollow before she closed her eyes. “Enjoy your flying time. Tell me all about it in the morning.” I smiled and kissed the top of her head.

“I not gonna dream about mermaids Mama, just fairies.”

“Okay.” I smiled and we blew each other kisses frantically as we always do before I exit and close the door behind me.

When I sent her big sister in to say good night 10 minutes later, she was already sound asleep with a subtle smile across her face. No doubt navigating her way through the lush woods of Pixie Hollow trying to fly faster than the notorious fairy Vidia.

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    Thank you. I appreciate the compliment! :-)

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    Heidi, thanks so much for taking time to leave me such an encouraging message. You made my day! Thank you!