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Mystical Paper Beasts Devour Unsuspecting Street Artists

This is so cool! Animae Dementia: Mystical Paper Beasts Devour Unsuspecting Street Artists | Colossal. Tweet This Post

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Review of pardons in past decade shows process heavily favored whites

If only this were as shocking as it should be. What’s sad is that people in positions who should be aware of the numbers, or at least have a better idea than the rest of us, are “astounded”. Really? Here’s the full article from the Washington Post Tweet This Post

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Sleep Hygiene the Secret to Happiness

When I was single I’d stay up until midnight or 1am. This felt natural to me. The times I attempted to go to bed earlier were filled with tossing, turning, and circular thoughts – like a dog chasing it’s tail endlessly without satisfaction. Continue reading »

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Mr. X – Another Amazing Street Artist

I just saw this today and wanted to post it in relation to “Exit through the Gift Shop”. I like the creativity and wit behind these images. Continue reading »

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SXSW Induced Identity Crisis

This is about the identity crisis I experienced at SXSW. I’m part interactive, part filmmaker but not geek enough to really feel comfy among the geek masses. I don’t feel like a fraud, I’ve put my time in coding with the best of them. With 15 years in the information technology field working closely with … Continue reading »

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SXSW is not just about parties

I’m in Austin and thrilled to be where the sun is shining and the temperature is over 70. I packed lightly¬†this time to compensate for last year’s overloaded suitcase. I was so determined that at the last minute I actually decided not to bring my iPad and tiny keyboard. Both are sitting on my kitchen … Continue reading »

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