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How to Squeeze in Post-partum Exercise to Beat the Blues

Frustrated with New England weather, I decided to use my house as a gym. I turned on the microwave timer, turned up the tunes and began doing stairs. I started in my basement, baby cradled in my arms, and climbed all the way to the second floor. I took it slow at first and then sped things up. My goal was to sweat and be left breathing heavily. It worked! I can’t tell you what a difference it made to lift my spirits. And I slept more deeply!
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To Stay or Go

As terrible as this life may feel today, sticking with it and trying to find a way to make it feel more meaningful to you on the daily basis may be the only way to go. Because giving up all of this would also mean creating a new life where you’re still bound to this other person and yet truly going it alone without any of the perks of a partnership. Continue reading »

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Kat is Turning 18

Today is March 18thth, which means my stepdaughter is turning 18 — Happy Birthday Kat! She refers to this day as “Irish hangover day” and she seems quite proud to have been born the day after St. Paddy’s. Soon the family members from all sides will be pouring in to wish her well and help us honor her special day. Continue reading »

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Do you bring out the worst in people?

People who work for themselves often do so because they’re unable to work with others. The amount of compromise involved is not part of their make-up, it’s unnatural and they simply don’t like it. Continue reading »

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Gift from my mom…found 14 years later

Scouring through the clutter and old boxes of letters, bills, and junk, I found a treasure. A handwritten letter inserted in a card from my mother for a birthday some 14 years ago. I lost her 5 years ago around the holidays, so finding something like this was monumental; it felt like a gift dropped from the sky. Continue reading »

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Disney Promotes Blond Favoritism

We were out buying a birthday present for one of my toddler’s friends and on the way to our car we got caught in a torrential downpour. In under 30 seconds we were completely soaked. After buckling us both in I headed for home. While stopped at a traffic light I caught Sienna’s face in the rear view mirror and she said, “Mommyyyyyyy! Now I look like you. My hair is BLACK!!” Not at all trying to hide her disdain. Continue reading »

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Surviving Miscarriage and Unexpected After Effects

I haven’t posted in nearly a month. When I look for reasons the most obvious is the fact that I’ve been dealing with both the side effects of a miscarriage while simultaneously juggling numerous “life events”. As my mother always said, “When it rains, it pours.” And life is proving that little nugget to be true. Continue reading »

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Angel Babies in the U.S.

When I saw her I said, “Hey. How are you? Where’s the baby? Were’t you due in April?” I glanced down and her belly seemed still pregnant but smaller. She replied with a funny look on her face, “Oh, no one told you. I thought someone was going to tell you….” Continue reading »

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Sleep Hygiene the Secret to Happiness

When I was single I’d stay up until midnight or 1am. This felt natural to me. The times I attempted to go to bed earlier were filled with tossing, turning, and circular thoughts – like a dog chasing it’s tail endlessly without satisfaction. Continue reading »

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The Upside of Clutter

We’ve been in an anti-clutter kick. But two weeks later I’ve noticed my kid suddenly seems to be all about TV. She hasn’t been wanting to hang out with her dolls in their pretend world. Continue reading »

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