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Gift from my mom…found 14 years later

Scouring through the clutter and old boxes of letters, bills, and junk, I found a treasure. A handwritten letter inserted in a card from my mother for a birthday some 14 years ago. I lost her 5 years ago around the holidays, so finding something like this was monumental; it felt like a gift dropped from the sky. Continue reading »

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TEDxSF – Louie Schwartzberg – Gratitude – YouTube

This is clip is what Pockets of Sunshine is all about. It embodies the idea of living in the moment and appreciating all that life has to offer. I hope to start my days this week watching this to get my head set, open, and awake to possibilities. Continue reading »

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The Blog of Innocence: 49 Vintage Photography Masterpieces

It’s fascinating to see some of the themes that we think of as contemporary showing up in vintage photographs. Just goes to show you that very little actually comes from original thought. What’s old is new, what’s new is old. Creativity is eternal. Continue reading »

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EAT THE SUN – A film about Sun Gazing

Solar Gazing phenomenon. During my last eye exam I discussed this film and the notion that people were purposely gazing at the sun for “health benefits”. I haven’t seen the film yet and I’m not questioning said benefits. However, my eye doctor did caution me that gazing at the sun this way can cause “solar retinopathy”. So, keep that in mind if you’re inclined to try this out. Continue reading »

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Bill Cunningham New York

The Sky Could’ve been Falling. I didn’t care. It’s the weekend before Mother’s day, and I’ve been working crazy hours with some crazy drama. I knew I needed a break before heading into weekend #3 of entertaining and family. The sun was shining, work problems were mostly solved, and, the cherry on top: I was … Continue reading »

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